Lockerbie & Hole Contracting Ltd; We pressure washed, prepared and repainted the Façade of the building, approximately 16,000 sq ft of surface area. The scale of the project and complexity of the work involed require us to tailor our crew for this project.

This was a challenging job of 2013 with so many different colours. This was a building that has not been painted for over 20 years and it was time for change. Stucco and two subtle colours, balcony walls were used as accent colours against the wood siding that was a different shade. The tenants were very excited as they started to see the new look and when the two buildings were completed they felt like they moved and were now living in a new apartment complex.


In 2013 designer Sarah Lackey put together a colour scheme to give the once old tired looking complex a modern more sheikh look. We put together a paint crew that was experienced and excited to be working with such vibrant colours and be part of the extreme colour change. 


We donated the paint and labour to complete the exterior and interior of Canuck Place in 2008.

"On behalf of the children and families of Canuck Place, I would like to thank you for painting the house. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you donated to brightening the house exterior. Thank you. Dalia Redden Development Department Canuck Place Children’s Hospice "

We completed the exterior repaint of Schneider Electric during the summer of 2010.


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Thursday March 30th 2017
After the non-stop snow and rain, we finally have a sunny day! Hope we could have a sunny summer! Time to paint!